Binti, Jolie Jols and La'Zamara

Our Story

I started EquiJOY in 2017 out of a desire to do more than teach horse riding or to share a more natural and collaborative way of interacting with horses.


My desire was to deeply explore the horse-human relationship and to share the profound healing and growth horses have created in my life.


In 2019 I had the opportunity to incorporate new therapeutic modalities and personal development tools with horse interactions and the results have been profound

As a happiness coach I inspire others to discover their own authentic JOY by leveraging their strengths and empowering them with proven tools, techniques and healing methods to let go of negative belief systems and behaviours and establish new pathways to happiness.

“A woman who owns horses goes where she wants.” ~ Lakota Sioux saying

What's in a Name?

The name EquiJOY is composed of two distinct words joined:

Equi - from Equus, the Latin word for horse and JOY - Described as uncommon or intense happiness. JOY through horses, JOY with horses and Rejoicing in the beauty of the horse-human partnership is what EquiJOY is all about.

Although JOY is described as uncommon or intense happiness, unlike happiness JOY is not external, it can’t be bought, and it is not conditional on someone else’s behaviour. The feeling of JOY often comes with a profound sense of knowing and wholeness. There is a spiritual element to JOY, witnessing or experiencing selflessness creates feelings of JOY.

As far back as I can remember just seeing a horse as a young girl would create an immediate state of JOY, unlike anything I had experienced. Regardless of the hardship I experienced in my childhood and even in moments of deep despair and sorrow, even just a passing glimpse of a horse would lift my spirits and fill my heart with the sound of beating hoofs.

EquiJOY is about sharing the JOY of horses and introducing people to their amazing capacity to perceive and mirror our emotions and inspire us to discover greater possibilities.