* Owner and founder of EquiJOY

* CIPP Life Coach: Authentic Happiness, Mindfulness, Resilience

* Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator

* Conscious Horse Conscious Rider® Practitioner

* Straightness Training Mastery Student

* Equine Fascia and Trauma Release, Level I

* Reiki Practitioner, Level I and II

* Animal Communication, Animal Spirit

* Forever Student of Consciousness and

the Horse

La'Zamara and Jolie Jols

"My wings have no feathers,

my heart holds no judgement,

my soul's beauty is only visible to those

who look without eyes" ~ Jolie Jols


What if JOY was a SUPERPOWER?
Would YOU choose it?

EquiJOY draws on the horses capacity to mirror human behaviour and reflect back to us things about ourselves not as yet in our awareness. This effectively raises the consciousness of the human.

Mindfulness and the power of being present, in the here and now are valuable outcomes, allowing our minds to focus on what IS rather than to drift between our perception of the past and our worries about the future. 

We learn to get out of our heads and into our hearts.

You will discover the JOY that new possibilities bring and improve the overall quality of your life through tools, play, communication and communion with horses.










We learn how to let go of judgements and expectations of ourselves and others, empowering us to create more JOY.


We learn to play at liberty and unlock a profound sense of inner knowing, including an unwavering trust in ourselves and our own choices, learning that we can create exactly what we desire. 


We learn to master true leadership and how to balance different roles of herd dynamics to create a more JOYful outcome for ourselves in any given moment. 


We learn interspecies and (non-verbal) energetic communication with our horses and our bodies, allowing us to connect to the animal without assumption or projection.


We follow the energy of the horses and the clients, so every session and every workshop is unique and every client will enJOY their own experience.

No previous riding skills are required.